Exercise Prescription

Exercise prescription is where a few carefully selected exercises are recommended to either reinforce the treatment given, overcome chronic tendon or muscle weakness or help effect long-term postural change.

Benefits of physiotherapist prescribed exercises:


Paula has worked as a Pilates instructor in small group classes for 5-6 years, giving her a fantastic insight into how people move and dysfunctional movement patterns that often lead to injury. She also believes that physio exercises should only ever be a short-term solution that systematically progresses people towards their goal and get them back to doing the exercise they love pain free. She is passionate about incorporating the muscular, visual, neural and respiratory systems within these exercises to help clients gain long-term postural change.


I use exercise prescription as an adjunct to my treatment. The majority of the session is usually hands-on manual therapy.

I have an online application that you can download to your phone. You will be able to access videos and instructions of your personalised exercise program with an opportunity to message me through the app if you are having difficulty with your exercises.

I can break down the exercises I usually prescribe into three types:

  1. Stretches or mobility exercises to help continue to release the tight structures we found within the treatment session. This will help maintain the effects of the treatment.
  2. Evidence-based exercises for common injuries to tendons, ligaments and muscle tears.
  3. Pilates type, often functional reconditioning exercises to effect long-term postural change. These I will often use to help injury prevention.
Who I am

My name is Paula Luke. I am a physiotherapist with over 20 years experience of in treating musculoskeletal injuries. I have experience in Pilates, sports injuries, dry needling and lower limb post-operative rehabilitation.

What I do

I am inspired by working with my clients to find the core problem and help them conquer it forever.

Where I AM

I am based in Bondi Junction in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. I frequently work on the south coast, but my online booking system is available for Bondi Junction only.

How to book

Please book an appointment through the website. If you have any questions before booking, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Are you suffering from: Neck/back pain? Tendonitis/tendonosis? Muscle spasm? Joint pain? Foot pain? Bunion pain? Plantar fascitis?

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